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Private Investigator Course - Cost: $499

Are you looking for a government registered training school that can make your dream of becoming a private investigator happen? Look no further than the Centre for Security Training & Management Inc. in Toronto, Ontario. Our private investigator course is one of the few in-class private investigator courses in Ontario and is highly recommended as one of the best. Our private investigator course includes training in conducting covert surveillance and training in taking statements.

Our in-class live instruction provides students an opportunity to interact with each other and with our certified instructors who are retired police detectives, licenced private investigators and subject matter experts.

Duration: Monday to Friday, 50 Hours - 5 Days

The following topics will be covered:

Section 1: Introduction to the Private Investigation Industry
Section 2: The Private Security and Investigative Services Act
Section 3: Provincial and Federal Statutes
Section 4: Criminal and Civil Law
Section 5: Investigative Techniques

Section 6: Principles of Ethical Reasoning/Decision-Making
Section 7: Key Principles of Communication and Interaction
Section 8: Self-Management Skills

Students who take our course are guaranteed to pass the Ministry Exam or they may re-take the course for free.

Get practical hands-on surveillance instruction from our surveillance expert through surveillance exercises that are included at no extra charge. 

What Makes Us Different and better
than on-line courses

1. We offer a half-day practical surveillance exercise which cannot be offered in an on-line course.  

2. Students will have a better understanding of course material through live interaction with their instructor and other students.

3. Students have immediate and direct contact with their instructor who is a licensed private investigator with many years of experience doing investigations.

Preparation of assignments, report writing, equipment and investigative techniques are studied. Students are prepared to utilize their investigative skills as required by the legal, commercial, and private sectors.

Students will also get to learn in-depth knowledge about handling the security services aspect of corporate or insurance fraud cases. 

To begin your career as a private investigator, call 416-750-4747 or email .